Hosting Your Own Deco House Party

You know your friends and family will love Deco House as much as you do. And you want to give them a chance to enjoy all the wonders of a Deco House home. So why not host your own Deco House Party?

Here’s how it’s done:


1. Contact a Deco House Designer. Find yours - here.

2. Invite your friends and family.

3. Connect with your Deco House Designer. You will work together to have a

    successful and fun party.

4. Enjoy your Host Rewards:

With $250 in sales, earn 10% product credit & 1 Half price item

With $500 in sales,  earn 15% product credit & 2 half-price items

With $750 in sales, earn 15% product credit & 3 half price items

With $1,000 or more in sales, earn 20% product credit & 4 half-priced items