The sisterhood behind Deco House
Meet Leslie & Meghan


Behind the success of Deco House are naturally creative types Meghan and Leslie. The founders and moms grew up in the same small town in Northeast Ohio where they met and became lifelong friends. They will tell you their partnership is more of a sisterhood, where their personalities and strengths lift each other to accomplish new goals each day.

The duo started their business journey together around a kitchen table, brainstorming ways to create interchangeable signs for a different family business. This really got them thinking. How could they give people the flexibility to create trendy seasonal displays for their homes while solving the issue of storage? As they sketched out designs, their husbands began building prototypes, and the Deco House brand of mix-and-max products was born.

To test the waters, Meghan and Leslie invited 50 friends and family members to a soft launch party. By watching the group interact with Deco Hose products, it was clear how much people were enjoying this new experience. People LOVED the idea of switching inserts and accessories and designing their own displays. They were proud of what they had created. And they wanted more inserts to change up their décor year-round. When 49 of their guests placed orders, Meghan and Leslie knew they were onto something big!

With the support of their families, the entrepreneurs did their research and turned Deco House into a thriving female-owned home party business. “It was very important for us to source our products locally because we wanted to support other small businesses on our creative journey,” says Leslie. “We looked for niche manufacturers who could deliver top quality and whose business values aligned with our own,” Leslie explained.

At the same time, word was quickly spreading about this new concept in home-based businesses and local consultants began approaching Meghan and Leslie to come on board.  “We want their time away from their families to be worthwhile, so we reward them as best we can and provide all the tools and support they need to launch a successful home-based business” explains Meghan.

For Meghan and Leslie, they’ve learned some things along the way. First, there is no other job they would rather have. Second, their shared faith-based approach to running a business provides guidance and reassures trust. Third, people prefer quality products that reflect their style and values. They hope that through their own desire to be creative they will be able to impact as many lives as possible by providing joyful personal experiences and opportunities for women to achieve financial wellness.

Thank you for learning about Deco House where any design is possible and no dream is too big!