The story behind it all

“I don’t have a lot of time to spend on decorating, and I’m not a designer. But I want my home to reflect my personal style.”

Over the years, Meghan and Leslie heard friends and acquaintances express this idea over and over again. In 2018, they decided it was time for someone to step up and offer a solution. That’s how Deco House came into being. The goal was to create a design system for anyone who craves a fresh, fabulous look for their home without the fuss.

Using a unique concept of stylish mix-and-match wood frames, stands, and inserts, Deco House makes it possible to create different looks by using double-sided inserts that can be turned or switched out to reflect changing seasons or holidays. In addition, Deco House accessories include an ever-changing assortment of organic greenery, wood beads, metal letters, and trays presenting even more options to customize.

Deco House Makes Everyone a Designer

Anyone can create limitless designs with coordinating product sizes, styles, colors, and materials. Deco House makes it simple to put together something beautiful and unique. There is no right or wrong way to use Deco House products. It’s all about what suits you and your personal style.

A new home party experience

Meghan and Leslie quickly discovered that a “hands on” approach resonated with their clients, and so the Deco House Party was born. Guests enjoy “playing” with the frames, stands, inserts, and accessories. Five people may be given the same five pieces, and all of them will create different designs and arrangements. At a Deco House party, guests quickly learn how fun and versatile the products can be. Being a Deco House party host has its perks, too. Besides giving friends and family an entertaining experience, hosts can earn various levels of merchandise credit and free products.

The highest quality products made in the USA

While it would be easier to outsource products overseas, Deco House believes in supporting other local companies. All Deco House core products are made in the USA by people highly skilled in their craft. Signature frames and stands are hand-built in Ohio from beautiful, high-quality wood. Inserts are printed in Ohio onto a durable rigid wood substrate that will not bend, fade, or scratch. And accessories like steel letters, wood beads, and trays are all made in nearby states. By working with hand-chosen local talent, Deco House can offer the quality customers are looking for to complement their existing décor.

The Deco House brand

The Deco House Decor office is located in historic Medina, Ohio, where Main Street and Public Square meet. The Deco House brand reflects this small-town charm with a modern farmhouse decor that features everything from inspirational and playful sayings to whimsical patterns and designs. Meghan and Leslie brought their faith-based values to Deco House, and it is these values that define the way the company interacts with its customers and consultants. Honesty, integrity, and trust naturally exist in every interaction.

A unique gift idea

Deco House products are an innovative way to give someone a personal gift they can display for years to come. And the best part? Recipients can continue adding to their original piece or bundle set making it even more practical. Deco House products are ideal gifts for housewarmings, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions. With an extensive online offering, you’re sure to find everything you need to make your gift truly memorable.

A growing family of consultants

As Deco House continues to grow, new consultants are popping up all over the map. They are eager to become part of an exciting business opportunity that’s truly unique. Deco House consultants have the flexibility to earn income for themselves and their families by selling products individually, at home parties, or online. Consultants living in the Medina area are welcome to use our showroom stocked with inventory for events. Deco House deeply values each of their consultants and sets them up for success with proven product starter kits, generous commissions, product discounts, business and marketing tools, bonuses, mentoring, and personal support.